Top factors to Consider before you buy a Drill Press

You should consider whether the drill press you're thinking of buying is well made, and sturdily built. Ideally your drill press will last a long time, and get a lot of work done. However, if you purchase a cheap poorly made machine you may not get much use out of it. One easy way to gauge whether a drill press is good or not is to look online at relevant reviews. Brands like SKIL, WEN and Craftsman have a very good name for themselves in this niche. So, it's best to buy from them rather than from a relatively unkown potentially low quality manufacturer.
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Do you need any add-ons or accessories? You should consider this before you buy, as you might want to get a package that comes with a certain type of accessory depending on the work that you do. For instance, a lot of people need a drill press vise for their line of work. ( check here )

How Portable? What Size?
Drill presses come in many different shapes and sizes. The size you choose will be very important depending on how much space you have etc. You may want to go for a benchtop drill press, or if you have a lot of room, and need the extra power then perhaps a floor mounted drill press is more up your alley. Just remember the larger floor style ones are very heavy and difficult to move around once you have them bolted down to the floor. The throat capacity also varies significantly between the different types of drill presses, most bench top style models are about 8 inches, so consider how big the objects you intend to drill are.

What Horsepower and RPM do I need?

You can get machines with many different speed settings, some go a lot faster than others. Drilling certain materials, like glass may require that you operate at a certain RPM, as well as using a special drill bit. Most modern designs actually have the ability to simply adjust the speed to suit whatever you're drilling (wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc). Equally important to speed is the torque and power a drill press can produce. These days you can expect most decent models to come with 1/2 Horsepower or more, so for the materials that require slow drilling with lots of torque be sure to check the HP rating. Hopefully you've found this brief guide useful! Thank you for reading.